The Beanie League 2012

28 May - 2 July
League Organiser
Stan Robert, Grady Cowley

This league has ended! Please visit our leagues page to view current and upcoming leagues.

The Beanie League will be an outdoor hat-based league (each player is allocated to a team for the league) run throughout Autumn. The league will run for 6 weeks on Monday evenings at the Uni Rugby Oval. There will be a single division with full length (80 minute) games scheduled to start at 6:00pm.

This league is open to any player. Unlike social league, this league will assume that you know most of the rules and have some limited grasp of more advanced plays such as zone defence. We particularly would like to encourage more women and intermediate players who have yet to play in an advanced league. This will be fun, highly-spirited ultimate!

When you register for this league, please honestly appraise your skill level from the drop-down menu. This way, the league directors can try our best to balance the teams. You may indicate if there are some people you particularly want to play with (or not) in the comments box. This will be kept confidential and the league directors will try their best to accommodate requests.

This league is designed as a pre-cursor to an Advanced Teams-Based League that will run from July through to September. Players will be able to enter this league as a pre-formed team or, if you don’t have one, the league directors will allocate you to one! We expect that team formation for this league might naturally evolve during the Beanie league. So, please use the form below to register for the Beanie league. Tell your friends! Registrations for the teams-based league will follow later.

Final Results

Runners up
Lady Bugs
Spirit Prize
Discontinued & Ladybugs
Style in Final
Anton Vikstrom
Guts in Final
Millie Rooney


Game Time 6:10 - 7:30pm (80 minutes)

Games will be held on the following dates. The specifics of the draw will be announced each night.

Date Round Field 1 Field 2
May 28 1
Jun 04 2
Jun 11 3
Jun 18 4
Jun 25 5

The finals will be played over one week as follows:

Date Round Field 1 Field 2
Jul 2 grand final 1 v. 2
Jul 2 other final 3 v. 4
Team Name Lady Bugs Discontinued Frostbite Tropical
Colour Red Yellow Blue Green
Captain Mike Baker Matt Petrie Stan Robert
Spirit Captain Grady Cowley Masni Bennett Shavawn Donoghue/AngelaCharles
Women Millie Rooney
Amy Bennett
Amina Eldaleh
Hannah Moloney
Emma Pharo
Masni Bennett
Claudia Cheng
Alice Patterson-Robert
Eliza Burke-Polden
Gabriella Cesile
Shavawn Donoghue
Angela Charles
Tania Cesile
Men Mike Baker
Basil van Riet
Grady Cowley
Alex de Vries
Seth William Langford
Anton Vikstrom
Michael Dunne
Matt Petrie
Mark Verrall
Tim Johnson
Josh Ashely
Dale Baldwin
David Poustilnik
Felix Kennedy
Steven Wright
Stewart Wilde
David Cooke
Charlie Prevost
Oliver Sargent
Andrew Wong
Stan Robert
Timothy Stoneman
Andrew Cole
David Atkinson
Michael Bird
Warwick Reed
Zhicheng (Marcus) Liang

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