Summer Social League – Update 2

The second round of games have been played in the Summer Social League. Lift have maintained their early lead in the social intermediate league table and are now the only undefeated team. The complex tie-breaker kicked in this week and has not only managed to separate the two teams tied in second place last week, but has managed to provide a complete ranking even though the teams ranked from 2nd through to 5th are all tied on competition points. If you want to know the full details for the tie breaking rules, then check out the full details on the league rules page. Big moves on this league table this week include Ninjapizza who jumped from 6th place to 2nd and Zoom who dropped from equal 2nd to 5th place. The social beginner league sees all 4 teams tied on points, each team now with one win and one loss – but the tie breakers ensure that Tait’n8ers maintain their early lead in the social beginner league table and indeed there are no changes to the positions in this league table since round 1.

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