Good luck to our Quoll boys and Bush girls!

The National Championships (AUC2011) for our glorious sport are on this weekend in Brisbane.  Many players from our local community are making the trek northwards to compete in this tournament, and we wish them all the best.

Quoll includes local players Steven Wright (captain), Kieren Blake, Grady Cowley, Huddy Fuller, Stephen Joyce, Matt Platts and Tim Stoneman.  We expect our boys to represent us well and play some good, hard ultimate.  Another local bloke, Mike Baker, is playing for Chilly, and we wish them all the best of luck.

We also have four ladies traveling north for the tournament, with Annie Benham, Jess Bresnehan, Eliza Burke-Polden and Claudia Cheng all picking up for Southside and getting some important elite-tournament experience.  We congratulate these girls for their commitment to the sport and we hope they have a wonderfully enjoyable and successful tournament.

Best of luck, ladies and gentlemen.  Do us proud!


Addendum: Results | 2011 Australian Ultimate Championships will have the results of all the games updated live, so feel free to check out how our boys and girls are doing over the weekend.

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