Autumn Social League – Finals Time!

Autumn Social League has been cruising along nicely each Sunday and we’ve now reached finals time!  Due to some technical difficulties the results haven’t been regularly updated on the Autumn Social League page however we can reveal the league table as it stands at the end of the round robin games. Click through to check out the results!


Team Points
1 TBT 17
2 Blade 17
3 Portello 14
4 Team Charlie 14
5 Gel 14
6 Dinosaur Toast 7


Team Points
1 Paraletic 18
2 Re-word 16
3 White Goods 14
4 Smeg 8

As a result of these league tables the following finals are being played tonight:


Court 1: TBT vs Team Charlie

Court 2: Blade vs Portello

Court 3: Gel vs Dinosaur Toast

The winner of the match on Court 1 will play the winner of the match on Court 2 in the grand final next week. The higher-ranked loser of these two games will go into the 3rd-4th playoff, and the lower-ranked loser will go into the 5th-6th playoff. The winner of the match on Court 3 will go into the playoff for third, while the loser will play for 5th place.


Court 1: Paraletic vs Smeg

Court 2: Re-word vs White Goods

The winners of these matches will go to the grand final, while the losers will play for third.

Good luck to everyone in the semi-finals tonight!


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