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Is it a blog where I report? Is it a report about blogs? Is it a report in the form of a blog? Who knows…

This is a new type of news post on the TUA website. Every so often I’ll post an opinion piece discussing issues related to ultimate in our little community and further abroad. This is all opinion, there’s nothing too important here. I’m also hoping to get some discussion happening as well, so please create an account and comment about anything discussed in my President’s Blog.

Although our community is relatively small, there are many people around the world who play ultimate. We’re all part of a much bigger, global community of players, volunteers and administrators. We can all benefit from expanding our horizons and looking at what others are doing around the world. The best way to do this is through blogs and websites, so click “read more” where I’ll highlight some of the ones that I check every day.


The first website I’m going to talk about isn’t an ultimate site at all. It’s Google Reader. The quote on the site summarises it best. “It’s like a magazine you design”. You add a list of sites you like to check regularly and Google Reader does all the work for you. It tells you when any site has updated with a new post (great for blogs that update irregularly) and formats it so you never have to leave Google Reader. You read all your content within that page. So if you’re wondering how to manage reading all these sites regularly, set up a Google Reader account. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s the best thing I’ve done on the net.

TUA Website

Once you’ve got your Google Reader set up, the first page you subscribe to should be this one. The TUA site gets updated regularly with scores, rule of the week posts, news, opinion pieces, etc. Some of these get sent out the old-fashioned way (email) but not all of them. To make sure you’re on top of the latest news in OUR community, you should check out our website regularly. We’ve got big plans.

AFDA’s Trash Talk

The AFDA site is great for lots of reasons, and has lots of great resources like “How to teach a beginner to throw a forehand“. But the page I’ve linked to above is Trash Talk, which is the news page. This is a great reference for all the happenings of ultimate on a larger scale than just our small island. Maybe you’d like to see who your local Ultimate Legend is (you should), or maybe see the list of people made the Dingoes, Firetails and Barramundis squads, our National teams for the 2012 World Championships (grats to Mike Baker, and there’s lots of ex-Tasmanians on the lists too).

Ultimate Handbook

If you’re looking to understand some concepts about the game and like to research things online, this site is great for everyone, regardless of experience level. It talks about strategies, plays, how to dump, how to break a force, all sorts of stuff. And it uses animated flash diagrams that make things very clear.


Created by the makers of the Ultimate Handbook, this newer site is quickly building up a great collection of “plays” that are demonstrated and discussed. This is more for people who understand the basics but want to try something new.


Blogs are a little bit different to news sites. Usually containing more personal opinion, they are no-less informative. There are three in particular I’d like to highlight for you:

Force Sideline

FS is a news blog that seems to focus around Australian tournaments. It posts previews of upcoming tournaments and details about teams. It’s a great reference for those of us interested in the ultimate happenings on the North Island. FS also has a twitter account you can follow for score updates of finals as they happen. A well-run blog with a little something for everyone.


Owen Shephard’s blog. Owen obviously thinks about the sport A LOT and he posts some great thoughts and interpretations on the game. This blog goes back to 2005 and contains lots of things to think about. He does a good job of summarising what other people are talking about at the moment. His posts are always short, intelligent and make you think about aspects of the game you probably hadn’t thought about before.

Ultimate: This Things I Believe

Rueben Berg is the chair of the WFDF Rules Committee, and this is his personal ultimate blog. It’s a bit more personal than Owen’s, talking about his campaigns and personal achievements/failures a bit more, and that just makes it more relatable. Some really great observations that make you think about the game in different ways.

Regional & Local Blogs

Those listed above are all personal blogs that deliver news and opinions, but if you’re after more specific news about ultimate in a region, there’s the Canberra Ultimate Blog, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog, and probably more that I’m unaware of.

And don’t forget our local blogs too. The Bread Bin, UTAS, Launceston Ultimate are all Tasmania-based ultimate blogs. Anyone can contribute, so why not make a blog about your team now?


For more free-form discussion about ultimate, online discussion forums are the way to go. There are two I’d like to draw your attention to:

UltiTalk is aiming to be the best ultimate discussion forum. It has a separate “Australia” section where many people from around our country go to discuss issues and tournaments and… everything really. It has kinda died off a bit this year, but who knows when it will start kicking again…

WFDF Rules Forum

The WFDF Rules Forum is a place where you can ask questions about the current rules and suggest future clarifications of the rules. It’s a discussion forum, so the response is personal and friendly and you’re guaranteed to have any question you’ve got clarified in a timely manner. It’s the best place to discuss rules questions.

Phew, that’s all the stuff I wanted to show you. Now’s your opportunity to show me stuff. If you know of any other great ultimate resources online, tell me in the comments!

Maybe you’ve got your own blog? We want to know about it! Let’s get this party started!

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