Rule of the Week – Disc hits the roof!

This week’s Rule of the Week was requested by Andy. He commented on last week’s Rule of the Week about the disc hitting the roof. It’s not something covered in the standard rules since there is not usually a roof when you play outdoors. The relevant part of the rules is:

11.7. The place where a disc went out-of-bounds is the spot where, prior to contacting an out-of-bounds area or player, the disc was most recently:
11.7.1. partly or wholly over the playing field;

Anyway, Andy’s interpretation of the rules is correct. The roof is considered an out-of-bounds object, and the disc is inbounds until it hits the object. Thus, the place where the disc comes into play is the playing field proper closest to where the disc was most recently over the playing field. In the case of the roof or an overhead object, it comes into play directly below that object, not at the boundary line closest to that point.

Don’t forget, you can comment on this rule or ask questions on any other, just like Andy did last week.

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