Rule of the Week is back!

Rule of the Week has returned!  It won’t be via email this time, it’s a strictly online deal. It may not even be discussed at leagues, but every so often I’ll be talking about a contentious rule decision that’s happened in the past week. If you’ve got any rule situations you’d like to discuss then feel free to comment here, or discuss with me and it could be the next “rule of the week”!

This week’s request comes from Steve Wright, who observed the following situation many times at indoor league. Because the courts are right next to each other, a disc from one court frequently lands on the other court. Some players on the other court stop (to avoid treading on the disc), others play on because they think it won’t effect them. This creates a dangerous situation, and an unfair one if some players stop and others don’t.

Here’s what the actual WFDF Rules say about the situation:

Rule 2.9
The immediate surroundings of the playing field shall be kept clear of movable objects. If play is obstructed by non-players or objects within three (3) metres of the perimeter line, any obstructed player or thrower in possession may call “Violation” and the stall count restarts at maximum nine (9).

So, any time “play is obstructed” by an object on the court that’s not supposed to be there, play should stop. It’s dangerous to continue if a disc is on the court. We need to get into the habit of always stopping play the instant there’s an obstruction, and that’s what Steve will be telling people at indoor league.

Don’t forget, there are some great resources around if you’ve got rules questions. The latest version of the official rules can always be found at as well as a discussion forum about the interpretations of the rules. Rule 1.3.1 states that all players must know the rules, so it’s your responsibility!

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