Rule of the Week – Followup

Hi Everyone,

This is a followup to the previous discussion about Rule of the Week – Who can make an ‘out’ call?.

After viewing the comments of people on the website, heeding the discussion that occurred on various mailing lists, and seeking clarification from the WFDF Rules Committee, it has been decided by the TUA that Interpretation 1 is the correct interpretation.

This means that if you think a player catches the disc out of bounds, and you think you have a good perspective, you call “Out”. The player can agree, or contest the call, in which case the disc goes back to the thrower. To read the relevant rules on this situation, please view the previous Rule of the Week by clicking on the link above.

If you’d like to comment on this decision you can do so below or email me directly. It’s good to have this clarified!

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