Two-Hat XIII – Logo Design opportunity

Two-Hat XIII is coming soon! October 15th and 16th to be precise, so mark it down in your calendar and keep the dates free. But this news item is about more than just marking down dates. We’re looking for someone to design the logo for this year’s Two-Hat Tournament.

Maybe you’d like to play around with the “unlucky” number 13. Maybe you’ve got an idea for a tournament theme and can design a logo around it. Or maybe you’re just a budding designer and want to get your work out there and seen.

If you’re interested in designing a logo for a tournament that will be used on all promotional material AND livin’ large on the front (or back?) of the shirts, start scribbling up a design. We’ve got a few months up our sleeves, so we don’t have a deadline for entries yet, but we’ll announce that soon. Time to start doodling away and getting your creative juices flowing.

Guidelines? Who needs ’em… We’ll accept a logo in just about any format, any dimensions, and as long as you keep the colours simple, there won’t be a problem. She’ll be right, mate!

If you’ve got any questions just drop me a line!

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