Advanced League – Register your interest!

As mentioned in a recent post, the TUA would really like to run a second Advanced League this year alongside Spring League.

There are a number of reasons why the TUA feels that this would be great for the Tasmanian ultimate community however there are two primary goals:

  • Provide an opportunity for higher-level play to players in the “off-season” when training for national level events is not traditionally an option.
  • Facilitate beginners from the social league moving up into the intermediate division by allowing intermediate players further opportunities for playing.

Below is information about the proposed Advanced League and how you can help us realise these goals.

The TUA is proposing the Advanced League is run on Wednesday nights, starting two weeks after the Social League’s Come & Try session (The 24th of October). This would allow for an 8 week league in the lead up to Christmas. We have secured a field booking at Sandown for the league.

With those details in mind we are attempting to gauge interest in the league to see if we can make it an eventuality. We are not only after an idea of how many players would be interested in partaking in the league but, more importantly, if there are any people available to help us run the league.

Put simply, the league won’t go ahead if we don’t receive enough interest or if we cannot identify some assistance in the running of the league. The TUA Committee is available to assist in the organisation regard however we would really appreciate some other volunteers.

Please complete the mini-survey below to register your interest in Advanced League and also let us know if you’re available to help out! If you have any queries feel free to contact us, or leave some comments below.

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