Advanced League – Wrap Up

Advanced League finished off a little while ago and we’ve now received a nice league wrap up from Charlie, the league organiser. The TUA would like to express their thanks to Charlie for organising this league. Read on for his thoughts on how the league progressed….

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting this out there.

After a few teething problems, namely lights not coming on when they were supposed to and a few field closures, the inaugural Advanced League kicked off to a good start. There were three mixed gender teams: Bread, Twig and The Clap.

There were originally 11 games slated for the round robin, but due to field closures resulting from very wet conditions, this was shortened to 9 games.

Throughout the league, games were consistently of a very high standard, with score-lines being very close and the competition fierce. After the first round of 3 games, Twig were on top winning both their matches. Bread were 2nd having defeated The Clap but losing to Twig, with The Clap in third place un-victorious. This trend continued throughout the league, but certainly did not reflect the standard of the games, or how close some of them were.

The final was between Bread and Twig. This game was an exciting one with Twig getting an early lead, but Bread fighting back the whole way. The final scores were Twig: 14 Bread: 9. Tim Stoneman won guts in the final for some epic layouts, and Matt Lyons won style with a freakish 2nd attempt catch to score at the end of the game.

The league spirit winners were Bread, with a spirit average of 12.3. Spirit was very close between all three teams, with the lowest being 11.2 average (including a forfeit, where 0 points are awarded for that game).

Overall the league was a succes, both financially (we just broke even) and competitively. The original goal of having a high level arena for Ultimate in Tasmania was accomplished, hopefully paving the way for future teams based leagues of this calibre.

Charlie Prevost
League Organiser, Advanced League 2011

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