A plethora of news and information…

There has been a lot happening in the Tasmanian Ultimate community lately! So much is going on that we haven’t had time to update the website regularly. As a result, here’s a news post with a plethora of news and information!

Social Spring League

Social Spring League has commenced with a bonanza of registered players! Registrations are still filtering in after two weeks of games and Peter, our League Organiser, has had a huge task on his hands formalising the teams. We are running with 6 teams in both divisions and have been required to expand across two venues to accommodate all the players!

Meanwhile, the current league tables are now available on the Social Spring League page. Intermediate players can also check here to see where they are expected to be playing each week.

Two-Hat XIII

This years Two-Hat has been run and won! The weather conditions were variable but we had a good 5-team turn out and some fierce competition. A fuller report will be available soon but in the mean time you can check out some photos! If you ‘Like’ our page on Facebook you’ll also get access to these albums more promptly!

Two-Hat XIII Photos – Day 1

Two-Hat XIII Photos – Day 2

Advanced League

Advanced League is underway on Wednesday nights. Teams are still being finalised but last week’s pickup/team-based hybrid game gave a good preview of how how the league will be played out. The game was really fun and played at a good competitive level. More details will be available for players very soon.

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