Spring Social League 2011 – Progress Report

Social League has been running along smoothly for the past few weeks. True to Tasmania’s spring, there has been a variety of weather conditions to test the skills of our intermediate players whilst also introducing the beginners to a full range of challenges.

In the Beginner division Youth Spirit remains undefeated at the top of the league table. Sacré Blue sits in second place whilst Lemon Meringue Tea Party Tarts is in third. These spots have been fairly consistent over the league so it will be interesting to see if any upsets can occur in the later weeks!

The bottom half of the table sees Grass Eaters in fourth position. Spanish Onion and Green are in 5th and 6th place respectively, with no wins to their names as yet. Both teams have experienced a couple of draws so it seems likely that a win is not too far away!

The Intermediate division is a little bit closer however Wobblies has performed well and sits at the top of the results table with no losses as yet. RGB and Run Long and Prosper both have 3 wins a piece, taking out 2nd and third spots on the ladder so far. Hey Apple! and Huddy are in fourth and fifth whilst What the Huck? has yet to chalk up a win, despite a close match with Wobblies in round 4.

The full results tables are available on the Spring Social League 2011 page. Thanks to all the players who are helping to make this a great fun league!

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