Summer League Finals update

The round robin phase of the summer social league has wrapped up and the final league tables have been updated.  That can only mean that it’s finals time!  The semifinal rounds will play on 26th March at Sandown Park (unfortunately we don’t have the Uni Rugby Field available for the finals, so all games will be at the one location– bad for play under lights, but good for people wanting to heckle the grand finals and attend the BBQ and awards afterward).

In the beginner division, the battles for 2nd-3rd place and 5th-6th were decided based on tie-breakers in a very close and balanced league.  In the intermediate division the Tadpoles ran away and hid in the top spot, but 4 of the remaining 5 spots were decided by tie-breakers, anticipating what is sure to be a close-fought semifinal round!

The complete league tables and the matchups for both beginner and intermediate division semifinals are listed on the league page- watch your email for any late-breaking updates about the status of the intermediate divisions fields.

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