Call for interest in AMUC 2012 Seeding

In case you haven’t heard, the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships for 2012 are going to be held in Perth on the 20th-22nd October (Yep, that’s the weekend after Two-Hat).  Given that the fields in Perth are lush, gloriously green and abundant in number, WA Ultimate have announced that any teams who wish to attend will be able to.  There is no qualification, Come one, come all!

However, we (the TUA) still need to ensure all teams from Tasmania have an accurate seeding into the tournament.  This means we need to have our own seeding game (or games).  The start of this seeding process is to have all teams intending to travel to Perth for AMUC register an expression of interest to the TUA before Tuesday 10th July.

So, if you’re intending on forming or collaborating on a team to compete in AMUC 2013 in Perth then please let me know by email before Tuesday 10th July.


Interested in playing?

If you aren’t interested in coordinating or forming a team, but you’d still like to think about playing for a Tasmanian team at AMUC in Perth, then I also encourage you to send me an email.  We’ll then be able to look at the numbers of people interested in playing and do our best to accommodate people.


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