TUA Awards – 2012

The TUA Annual Dinner and Awards was held last night and it was a wonderful evening. The food was good and the company was exceptional.  The conversations continued well into the night.

Here’s a rundown of award recipients for 2012.  Congratulations to everyone who received something, you thoroughly deserved it.  There are so many people who do hard work throughout the year and deserve to be recognised, it’s a pity we can’g just give something to everyone.  But the following people stand head-and-shoulders above the pack for their dedication and selflessness.

  • Lifetime Membership – Shavawn Donoghue
  • Volunteer of the Year – Jason de Puit
  • The Black & Blue Award – Masni Bennett
  • Ultimate Legends – Shavawn Donoghue, Jason de Puit, Eliza Burke-Polden, Huddy Fuller
  • Player of the Year – Steven Wright (popular vote)
  • Spirit Hall Of Fame – Andrew Cole (popular vote)

And the more silly awards:

    • Best Pull/Puller of the year – Steve Wright
    • Best Thrower of the Year – Andy Cole
    • Best Heckle/Heckler of the year – Tim Johnson
    • Best Fashion on the field – Matt Lyons and Matt Smith
    • Ultimate Umpire of the Year – Grady Cowley
    • The “Tough Knees” award for the best Indoor Layout D of the year – Tim Stoneman
    • The “Quiet Meerkat” award for popping up everywhere – Ken Suber
    • The “Personal Work Ethic” Award – Jason de Puit
    • The “Throws Ridiculous Swill in Important Matches” award – Callan McLaughlin
    • The “Leadership or something” award – Steve Wright
    • The “Amazing” award – Grady Cowley
    • The “In the Deep End” award – Peter Marendy
    • The “Increasing the Ultimate Community One by One” award – Alysia Prevost, Celina Wilson, Tracy Smith, Halena Bilton

Finally, I’d like to thank all the people who have helped in the last year. These people have been League Directors, Tournament Directors, Events Managers, dedicated volunteers or Committee Members. None of the things that happen in our community would be possible without them.

Dale Baldwin, Masni Bennett, Matt Berne, Andy Cole, Jason de Puit, Grady Cowley, Huddy Fuller, Stephen Joyce, Felix Kennedy, Matt Lyons, Peter Marendy, Nick Moles, Alysia Prevost, Charlie Prevost, Stan Robert, Matt Smith, Stew Wilde, Steve Wright,

Thanks one and all, it was a great night.

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