Halfwit IV Wrap Up

The Halfwit IV was played on the Sunday 8 July 2012 at Aurora Sports Stadium. Four teams took to the field round robin style, but the competition was tight with only a 5 point difference between the top of the ladder and the bottom. After a surprising Semi finals, The Shirt Changers met Siri on centre court for the final game, and after 50 minutes of intense indoor they drew, 13 all. Opting for a golden point before the lights were turned off, Siri pushed through to win.

Rather then a playoff game, Disco Stew challenged Doesn’t Matter if you’re Black or White to a 10 minute game without shirt change, leading to a black shirt vs black shirt continuous indoor battle. ¬†Doesn’t Matter if you’re Black or White claimed victory (somehow) leading 7 to 6.

The Awards

Guts in the Final : Mike Dunne
Style in the Finals : Matt Lyons
Wooden Spooners : Disco Stew
Winners: Siri
Spirit Winners : Disco Stew
Eaters of Kinder-Suprises: Many

Thanks to Peter Marendy and Aaron for the BBQ, Aaron Just for photography, Stew for helping set up and bringing the kit, Jason for setting up the website and Joe for assistance with organising.

Matt & Matt

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