New WFDF Rules

The WFDF have released their new rules for 2013 and all TUA Events will adopt these new rules next year. This includes Summer Social League and Summer Advanced League. It is expected that players understand the rule changes and be able to play under the new rules without any difficulty. The changes have been made for the purposes of aligning the WFDF rules with the USA Ultimate (UPA) rules, to improve the effectiveness of self-refereeing and to remove unnecessary stoppages.

You can find the new rules and summaries of the changes from the previous ruleset at the WFDF Rules page.

Here is a quick summary of the rule changes that will affect the way we play here in Hobart.
– There no longer needs to be a second between the word “Stalling” and the word “One” during the stall count.
– A player now retains possession if, after a turnover, they place the disc on the ground, or intentionally drop the disc
– A stall-out (a stall count that gets to “Ten”) results in a stoppage before play can continue.
– “Double Team” and other marking infractions can only be called by the player with the disc.
– A player needs to have been within 3 metres of his/her target player to call a pick.
– If all players agree that a call did not affect the outcome of the play, the play stands. This applies to Picks as well, even if the pick call happened before the throw. So, no more automatic “disc goes back if the pick happened before the throw”.

If you’ve got any questions on the new rules (or the old rules, for that matter) then get in contact with me or post a comment here and start a discussion. We’re here to help!

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