Spring Social League – All wrapped up!

Spring Social League is all finished up for 2012. Below is a league-wrap up from Dale Baldwin. Thanks to both Dale and Eliza-Burke Polden for running a most enjoyable league!

Spring League 2012 saw the introduction of our Learn to Play league with six teams of 64 newbies, coaches and a few helpers battling it out for the title of “slightly better newbie team than your newbie team”.

Competition was fierce, with The Minions coming out strong but – only being minions – lacking in clear leadership structure. Ollie’s Army overwhelmed with a combination of sheer numbers and some amazing end-zone layouts. Blueberry Muffins disappointed all by not bringing blueberry muffins, but did display some excellent flow on the field. The Self-Identified Geeks, while excelling in the Battlestar Galactica trivia contest and obliterating everyone in Words With Friends, didn’t quite manage to reach the same success on the field. Better Green than Mean were great to play with, bringing the green but leaving the mean at home. Disco Joe had a slow start, lost Joe, found Joe and then somehow lost the rest of their team in the last week.

In the end, Blueberry Muffins came out on top, toppling Ollie’s Army for the win.

Intermediate division ramped up the competition with six teams battling it out. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Southern Tasmania (DPRST) came out on top of the ladder, but lost the semi-final to Burnt Waffles and repeatedly annoyed the TD by choosing an overly ridiculously long team name. Burnt Waffles moved from 4th to come runners-up in the final. Crumbs played an amazing semi final against ¡¡¡¡¡¡TIM JOHNSON!!!1!, going point for point throughout the game and came away with a convincing win in the Spirit stakes. The Mighty Hucks brought the hucks, dialed down the mighty and brought some great athleticism and flow to the field (I’m not chasing Jase again). Bubble Squeek Rambo picked one of the more random names I’ve ever seen but weren’t quite able to translate that randomness into wins on the field. ¡¡¡¡¡¡TIM JOHNSON!!!1! came away with a convincing win in the final after a tight match-up with Crumbs in the semi-finals. The team, named after Tim Johnson for his giant TIM JOHNSON flying D out the back of the end zone while yelling TIM JOHNSON, came away with the win in the end against Burnt Waffles to take the league.

Huge thanks also goes to Arthur for feeding us all on finals night.

From Eliza and Dale big thanks to everyone who played in Spring League 2012, we hope to see you back for Sumner League next year.

Full results are available on the Spring League 2012 page.

Registrations are now open for Summer Social League and Summer Advanced League for 2013!

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