Two-Hat History page has been updated!

You might be interested to know that the most complete tournament-history page in Australian Ultimate has just been updated with a whole bunch of new statistics and figures up to Two-Hat XIV

The Two-Hat History page contains a complete history of the Two-Hat.  Here are some interesting stats for you:

Most tournament wins Jemery Day and Shavawn Donoghue 6
Most Grand-Final appearances David Cooke 8
Most Grand-Final losses Joe Boyer 5
Most Spirit wins Shavawn Donoghue 6
Unluckiest player (lowest win ratio) Ken Suber Played in 12 tournaments, made 2 Grand Finals, never won
Other unlucky players Masni Bennett and Eliza Burke-Polden Played in 6 tournaments, made 0 Grand Finals
Most consistent players Koen Alexander and Che O’May 2 wins out of 2 tournaments
Most consistent spirit Nick Wanz and Mamoru Matsuki 2 spirit wins out of 2 tournaments

And did you know that the final registrant this year (Aung Zaw) was the 700th person ever to register and play in a Two-Hat?

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