Summer Advanced League Wrap Up

Last week was the final week of Summer’s Advanced League. Here’s a wrap-up from the League Organisers (Matt Lyons and Tim Johnson):

The 2013 Summer Advanced League was a relatively even, hard fought competition. As with the previous Advanced League, the ladder was comprised of Bonsai, Bread, Frivolous (under the name Dial-a-llama), and a fourth, red-clad team, calling themselves Apocalypto. Apocalypto had the strongest record in the round robin games, cruising into the final. But the other spot was much tighter – both games in the last round robin week could have helped decide who would finish second. In the end, Bread beat Bonsai, securing them second place, leaving Dial-a-llama and Bonsai to fight it out for the theoretical wooden spoon.

Both finals were tight – at time cap, there was a point in it on each field. In 3v4, Dial-a-llama got up 12-10, and in the big one Apocalypto prevailed 12-11. Spirit was also tight, with only one point separating first and second place, but in the end Bread were the deserving winners.

Thanks to everyone who played in this league, and we hope you will sign up for the next Advanced League, starting in May.

Full round-robin and final results are available on the Summer Advanced League 2013 page.

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