Summer Social League – Wrap Up

Whilst you’re awaiting the commencement of our Autumn Leagues, here’s a wrap up of Summer League from the League Organisers, Masni Bennett and Chris Willis.

Kicking off a superbly warm summer, Hobart’s Summer Social League surprised everyone with a slightly different – and more convenient – format from previous years: four teams played in two divisions at Sandown, instead of the more usual six teams in two divisions in varying locations. This was due to the concurrent Summer Advanced League that attracted away some serious players.

In spite of this, the number of beginner players continuing from the previous Spring League was the highest on record, with the “Learn to Play” format resulting in improved skill levels and confidence. Intermediate division also saw relative growth, with many new players stepping up to learn new tactics.

Throughout the league, games were close in both divisions. Most teams pulled off a mixture of wins and losses, but Thor’s Hammer (beginner) were a strangely equitable exception, negotiating three draws. Green Phoenix (beginner) and Wobblies (intermediate) were notably strong contenders. Both teams finished top of the ladder with only one loss in the round robin, and both survived the semi-finals to compete the top spot in the grand finals.

The grand finals evening was mild and fine. The beginner finals began with an upset, however: a disappointed Green Phoenix relinquished their spot in the grand final due to not being able to field any female players. Altitude stepped up as a surprise contender against The Tiddlers. The teams traded points until time was called, with Altitude taking the last point to claim the premiership 7–6.

The intermediate finals saw two teams who are regulars to Hobart leagues, Wobblies and Crumbs (as an incarnation of Bread), facing off in the grand final. Crumbs took an early lead, but Wobblies bounced back with pin-point throws from Mike Baker and some excellent receptions under pressure. Wobblies took a comfortable win 12–7.

A big thank you to all players, especially the stalwart team captains and the honorable spirit captains. Thanks to the TUA Committee and other volunteers for their support: especially TUA President Joe Boyer, who booked fields, organised lights, crunched out the league tables, and helped in countless other ways; and Jason de Puit, who handled everything webby and set up the fields every week.

Finally, a special, full-belly thanks to Alicia Stroud and Arthur Edwards, who manned the BBQ on the finals night; Carlos Jimenez, for assistance and roving photography; Dale Baldwin and Liz Knox, as wardens and transporters of the BBQ equipment; and everyone who made cleaning up just a little bit lighter work afterwards.

Despite the break after Summer League, the TUA has a number of upcoming ultimate-related events that you may be interested in:

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