School Development Program launched!

The TUA has just launched its School Development Program! This program aims to increase the accessibility of school children to Ultimate Frisbee in and around Hobart. As well as promoting our in-school coaching and disc supply services, the School Development Program also incorporates our Ultimate Southern Schools Championship (held on the 7th August), and the selection and training programs of the U18 Boys and U18 Girls Tasmanian teams that will participate in the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships (5th/6th October in Melbourne).

Since there is currently no school program for playing Youth Ultimate, the Tasmanian Ultimate Association aims to provide enough training and assistance for ANYONE interested in representing our lovely state to be able to do so, even if they have no prior experience playing Ultimate. As part of our School Development Program, we have scheduled a series of school based activities that we’d love your school to participate in. These will allow us to uncover hidden greatness within your student body, and provide development and training opportunities for all students regardless of skill level. Plus, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

This page includes a schedule of events in the leadup to Australian Youth Ultimate Championships in October, a brief description of each event, and a list of how we are able to assist your school provide the best opportunities for your students.

The Schedule of Events



22nd July –

6th August

In-school training sessions offered by our coaching and development team

7th August

Ultimate Southern Schools championship

14th August

Tasmanian U18 Boys and Girls teams announced

All of September

Regular training sessions for U18 teams

5th October

Australian Youth Ultimate Championships

The School Development Program

We think Ultimate Frisbee is the best sport in the world, and it’s especially good for students. We’d love to see more schools incorporating Ultimate Frisbee into their Health curriculum, since Ultimate:

  • can be played by anyone
  • teaches a positive attitude and respect for all players
  • does not require ball handling skills, which means everyone starts equal.
  • promotes activity and fitness
  • develops a mature decision making process
  • teaches the importance of making fair decisions under pressure
  • can provide pathways for students to excel at an international level

Our aim is to have a school’s Ultimate Frisbee League running next year, so we’d love to get your school on board this year with our School Development Program. The program involves the following components:

We understand that it’s difficult for Health/PE teachers to teach a sport that they have no experience in, so, as part of this program, we’re able to send members of our coaching and development into schools to run some introductory sessions. These sessions could be with students, or as a Professional Development session with your Health/PE faculty members (or both!).

Quality equipment is also an important part of any syllabus, so as part of this program we’re providing some excellent deals for purchasing discs.

The inauguration of a “Schools Ultimate Championship” for which any school in Tasmania is invited to send a team (or some individual students) to participate and compete.

A support network dedicated to assisting Health/PE teachers in schools in delivering the best possible outcomes for their students through Ultimate Frisbee.

A poster you can print out to put up around the school, highlighting the opportunities on offer.

Event Descriptions

In-School Training Sessions

We’d love to give your school some experience at playing Ultimate before the Ultimate Southern Schools Championship. Although complete beginners will be welcome on the day, it would be great for you to send along students who are interested in the sport and have already experienced it a little bit. They don’t have to be good, they just have to be interested. So in order to give your students the best opportunity, why not introduce Ultimate into your health curriculum at the beginning of Term 3?

Our accredited coaches are available to visit your school any time to run some sessions, and are incredibly flexible about how they do this. We could do a single session for a group of students, or several repeated sessions for different groups. We could give your Health staff a PD session on HOW to teach Ultimate to students (will be lots of fun). We could even plan an Ultimate course for 2 to 10 lessons including goals for each lesson, development arcs and other mini games that will improve student’s disc based skills. We’re happy to work with you to give you ANYTHING you need to give your students the best experience of Ultimate possible.

If you’d like to book in a date, get more information or have any questions at all, please send us an email on

Ultimate Southern Schools Championship

  • Will be at Wentworth Park on Wednesday 7th August
  • Runs from 11:00am until 3:00pm, lunch is not provided
  • Schools can send an entire team (10 players) to compete if you wish
  • Schools can send less than a full team to have your players combine with another school (we’ll organise this)
  • Cost is $3 per player, or $20 for a team registration
  • Will be the basis of selections for the Tasmanian U18 Girls and U18 Boys teams
  • Winning team will get a trophy and be the inaugural winners of the Tasmanian Schools Ultimate Championship.

If you would like to register a place for a team (or just a number of players) then please email before Wednesday 2nd August.

Tasmanian U18 Boys and Girls teams announced

On the 14th of August, the Tasmanian U18 Boys and U18 Girls teams will be announced, and these could be students from YOUR school! If any of your students are selected, we will send you all the information you need to assist the student in preparation for the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships. We will also be announcing our Head Coaches for both the Boys and the Girls team, who will provide further information about the upcoming tournament.

Regular training sessions for U18 teams

During the month of September, our Head Coaches will implement their training programs for the U18 Boys and Girls teams which will be focussed around developing core skills and team strategies for the upcoming national tournament. We currently expect these to be weekly for the five or six weeks leading up to the tournament, though these expectations may change.

Australian Youth Ultimate Championships

The Australian Youth Ultimate Championships will be held over the weekend of the 5th/6th October in Melbourne, Victoria. Tasmania will be sending an U18 Boys team and an U18 Girls team that will be made up of potentially your students. It is our aim to keep this tournament as inexpensive as possible for the players and will be seeking sponsorship and fundraising for this goal. Each team will be accompanied by an accredited coach and a dedicated team manager.

What we provide

Coaching Sessions

Our ASC accredited coaches come to your school, with equipment, and provide coaching to your students or training for your Health PE/Faculty.

For $50 an hour, an ASC-accredited Ultimate Coach will deliver a program customised to your school, based on number of students, staff, time available, equipment available, etc.

Disc purchasing

Professional-quality discs available for $12 each (for purchases of 10 or more).

Our discs are official 175g Ultrastars, the same piece of equipment used for all levels of Ultimate from beginner leagues to World Championships (think: “Sherrin”). These have an RRP of $15 (cheap!) and during this School Development Program we’re going to sell them for $12 each if you purchase 10 or more. That’s 20% off. What other piece of world-class sporting equipment can you purchase for so little?

For class activities, our coaching and development team recommends one disc between two participants. For a school with classes up to 30 students, we recommend 15 discs for a class set. $180 will give you everything you need to teach all your students Ultimate Frisbee.

Future Pathways

Every two years, Australia sends a team to the World Youth Ultimate Championships. This team is selected from players all around Australia that participate in the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships. This means that any student who shows some natural talent can have that talent developed and refined and could be selected to represent Australia at the World Junior Ultimate Championships in 2014.

The Development Package

As part of our Schools Development Program, we’re offering to combine all of the above into one attractive package. For a single payment of $260, you will receive:

  • 15 discs ($225)
  • 2 hours of coaching/training sessions at your school ($100)
  • Team entry fee to the Ultimate Southern Schools’ Championship ($20)
  • 3 high-quality A3 poster prints about Ultimate and the upcoming Australian Youth Ultimate Championships ($10)
  • 2 high-quality A4 rules booklets ($10)

This package gives you more than $350 worth of value for $260.

For Further Information

If you would like to purchase any of the above options, or contact us for further information, please send an email to We’re really happy to chat and give you more information on any of the information above.

If you would like to find out more about the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, please go to our homepage or our national organisation, the Australian Flying Disc Association.

We look forward to helping you deliver the best opportunities for your students to experience this most amazing sport.

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