Tassie is heading to Mixed Nats! Want to come along?

Australian Mixed Nationals is being held in Canberra from the 25th to the 27th of October. Tasmania has been allocated two spots on the roster and we have a great opportunity for our local players to take part in an exciting experience at the tournament.

Read on for details from the community members who are organising a campaign for the tournament – get involved! It will be great fun!


Hi everyone,

We (Steve, Charlie, Andy and myself) are super keen to head over to Mixed Nats this year and we’re wondering if any of you would like to come along? This email has a whole bunch of information relevant to the tournament and how we plan to represent Tasmania.

The aims we have identified for the team are as follows:

  • Build a positive and supportive team culture
  • Train to be as competitive as possible at AMUC
  • Have a great time!

Apologies for the large amount of text but if you read it all you should have a great idea of what we’re trying to achieve, and how to get involved.

Tournament Specifics
This year’s AMUC will be held in Canberra on the 25th-27th of October. It is a three day tournament and would include lunches and possibly breakfast. There’s typically a decent party included as well.

Building a Team
There are two spots for Tassie teams at AMUC, and we’d love to be able to fill them both. If there isn’t sufficient interest, then we’re still going to send one team, but let’s make it two!

We have catered for the possibility that we may have too many players interested and have developed some selection criteria (see attached) to facilitate an open process.

That said, we have a preference for a large team if possible and, generally speaking, the more the merrier! If you’re unsure because you haven’t played an interstate tournament before, talk to one of the four of us, or any other experienced players, at your next TUA league game, and we’ll tell you all about how awesome it is.

The Process for you
If you’re keen, here’s how the process will work:

1 – Register your interest
If you think you’d like to play (even if you’re not 100% certain at this point), please fill in the form you can find here:

Registration Form

Interest Registration will close on the 9th of August.

2 – Pay your deposit

We are after a $50 deposit from all interested players. This fee will go towards covering field hire for the selection process, and ongoing costs for the team(s). Players who are not selected for the team(s) will have their money refunded.

Please make your payment to Charlie Prevost using the following bank details:

BSB: 06 7600
Account No: 1017 1841

3 – Attend Training Sessions

Depending on feedback on the interest form we will schedule 3 weekly training sessions which will be used for the selection process. The Selection Committee (Carly Ward, Steve Wright, Andy Cole and Millie Rooney) will use these sessions to assess individuals against the selection criteria (see attached).

4 – Wait to hear from the selectors

The selectors will contact you with the results of the selections.

Seeding Game
If there is sufficient interest for two teams we are required to have a seeding game to determine the Tasmanian team seedings going into the tournament. This will need to occur before the 16th of September.

Future steps will be largely dependant on the makeup of the team(s) but expect weekly training sessions, some social events, potential for increasing your fitness and a heap of fun as we work together towards a great time in Canberra.

So please, register your interest. We all feel that there’s a huge amount of potential in Tassie this year and we can have a real crack at a fun, competitive tournament.

– Jase, Andy, Charlie, Steve

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