Launceston hosts “Awesome Day of Outdoor Ultimate”

Report from Paige Kranz:

Alice McGushin (Hobart Uni) lays out while Masni Bennett (Hobart Workers) looks on admiringly.

The inaugural ‘Awesome Day of Outdoor Ultimate’ was held on the 21st of September. One team of students and one team of geriatrics ‘workers’ ventured up from Hobart to face the Launceston Club at Coronation Park, which, rather than its usual swamp-like appearance, was merely a bog for the occasion. You’re welcome.

The moist conditions, while making running difficult, were perfect for layouts, with several players utilising the conditions to exhibit. All three games were close and exciting, but in the end, the Hobart students defeated Launceston, and the Hobart workers smanged both opposing teams to take out the day.

Thought of the day: if the workers started out as Tony Abbot United, but then had too many women, does this make them Clive Palmer United, and if so, does that make Tim Johnson Clive Palmer?

Isaac Tay (Hobart Uni) gets airborne in a spectacular-but-not-unusual fashion.

The Launceston Ultimate Frisbee Club would like to thank all of the players who braved the Midlands Highway (an admittedly boring hurdle) for the day. It’s not often that we get to play seven-a-side ultimate, with all of the tactics (tactics! pfft…) that go with it, and our players improve dramatically with every opportunity.

Special thanks go to Huddy for organising the day, and Heather, Paige, and Heather’s Thermomix for catering.

For more photos from the day, Tim Johnson has kindly shared his photo album on Facebook. Interested in playing ultimate in Launceston? Hit up the Launceston Ultimate Club! nike outlet online

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