Tassie is heading to Australian Mixed Nationals

This weekend sees the 15th edition of the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships being played out in Canberra. There is a Tasmanian team, Map, heading over to compete in the tournament. The following players are on the team:

  • Steve Wright
  • Patrick Neasey
  • Jessie Lea
  • Charlie Prevost
  • Jason de Puit
  • Angela Charles
  • Andrew Cole
  • Elvin Lea
  • Mille Rooney
  • Tim Stoneman
  • Huddy Fuller
  • Carly Ward
  • Grady Cowley
  • Angus Reynolds
  • Ingrid Nielsen
  • Joe Boyer
  • Katie Newman (VIC)

The TUA wishes the best of luck to the team in what will no doubt be a tough-but-fun three days of ultimate.

If you’re interested in following along, check out @AMUCXV and @ausmixednats on Twitter for score updates during the tournament. The hashtag #amucxv will be used.

You can also check out the official AMUC Facebook Page and website!

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