Spring Advanced League 2013 – Wrap Up

Late last year the TUA ran an Advanced League through Spring alongside the Social League. The League was run by Tim Johnson who has provided a wrap-up:

The Finals for Spring Advanced League saw some beautiful weather, especially compared to how the season started! We were very much rewarded for sticking it out in the early wet weeks, with some glorious conditious for the rest of the league. There were some great competitive games in the lead up to the finals themselves, with one of the playoffs even going to a ‘golden goal’ (though unfortunately the winners, Jungblut, had to forfeit due to insufficient player numbers).

In the 3/4 final Dial-a-Llama (15) were victorious over HUUC (9), and in the 1/2 final Animorphs (15) held off a hard running and competitive Bread (7). The ‘Style In The Final’ award went to Chris Willis, for a phenomenal layout-D to prevent Mike Baker from scoring a goal (photo attached, courtesy of Annie’s camera and Nina’s photography, but without anyone’s permission).

This was a high-spirited league (Animorphs, winners of the league, also won Spirit!), and the ladder itself was so close that the playoffs were very hard fought and close… a fitting final league for some players who are leaving Hobart – they’ll be missed but in their wake other players will be encouraged to step up and enjoy the challenge and fun that Advanced Leagues like this have to offer.

See you soon in one of the many competitions on offer this Summer, and in the rest of the year 🙂

Thanks to Tim for running an enjoyable league!

During January you can expect some Beach Ultimate courtesy of Frivolous Ultimate. Summer Social League is scheduled to commence in early February. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and the TUA mailing list for the relevant announcements.

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