Inaugural Huddy Cup report

The inaugural Huddy cup took place in Launceston on the 29th of March and we had a turnout of 28 people, 4 from Burnie/Devonport, 16 from Launceston and 7 from Hobart.

The morning 3 games were in the hat format with 4 captains Mike, Dave, James and Leo. The teams were formed in the draft format, captains got to pick their teammates in the above order (Mike got lucky and picked #1). The 4 teams were split rather evenly and the score was between 1 or 2 for all of my games! Some teams got the opportunity to learn a zone play, coached by Dave and Leo, my team learnt quite a few offensive strategies from the experienced Mike Baker, and the predominantly Launceston team was under the sound leadership of James Luttrell.

The Hobart Launceston match took place in the sunny afternoon, with Hobart’s 9 (Dahlia, Annie, Ange, Alice, Nick, Pat, Leo, Ian, Baker) lined up against Launceston’s 9 (Claudia, Lara, Heather, Emma, Darsh, Ed, Johnno, Zee and Tim Fielder). It was a close game, with some solid zone defence coming from the Hobart team, and some lucky, but awesome throws and catches from the Launcestonians.

It was really encouraging to see that high level of Ultimate being played here in Launceston, and it was certainly an inspiration for a lot of our players to keep learning and improving. I had really missed the long hucks by Baker, the low release break throws from Leo, the horizontal AWESOME layouts by Annie and Dahlia (bounce!),  the ever so reliable hands of Pat and Ian, the impressive speed and agility of Alice and Ange, and the ever so exponentially improving throws and catches from Nick Beeton.

LUFC would like to thank all the Hobart players for making the trip up and for the memorable and really enjoyable games. Thank you for the inspiration and the challenge, and we really appreciate your patience and coaching as we still have many beginners in our Ultimate community. We hope to return the favour soon, and look forward to the next Hobart vs Launceston Ultimate frisbee match! air max 90

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