HalfWIT VI Wrap-up

The mixed mid-winter one day indoor ultimate tournament or “Halfwit VI” went well at the Aurora Stadium on Sunday 20th of July. With 28 people signing up – a perfect number for four teams with two subs each. The teams were pretty equally matched with some really close matches including a draw between Bec’s socks and All junk all day on 16-all.

The final saw Sunday morning pit against All junk all day. Unfortunately, as has happened many times outdoors, the final was halted by the lights turning out. We did get 50% of the lights back on, and with a shortened last half, the last seconds ticked down in a very tight finish. They were even, when Sunday morning scored late and defended well against the strong offence of All junk all day, who scored but it was seconds after hard time, providing Sunday morning with victory. Luke Bryan won Guts-in-the-final for laying out and hurting himself, while Oliver Sargent won Style-in-the-final for laying out, but avoiding injury.

All junk all day ran away clear spirit leaders on a day where everyone played harmoniously, even through the tightly played matches.

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