2015 Calendar of Events

The TUA committee is proud to announce the 2015 Calendar of Events has just been published. If you would like to go to http://www.tasultimate.com/local/calendar/ you can see the start dates of all leagues and tournaments and other things Ultimate that we have planned. You can also subscribe to the calendar to get things popping up automatically on your phone or computer. How cool is that?

Please note that this is just our planning and intended dates. All dates are subject to change due to field availability.

Here’s a list of the important things:

Social Leagues
Social Leagues have two divisions (Beginner and Intermediate) and there will be four throughout the year:
Summer League (outdoor) has a Come-n-Try on the 2nd February with the league starting on the 16th Feb
Autumn League is Indoor and starts on the 10th May. We’re hoping to run this as the first split gendered league in TUA history (with a Women’s Division and a Men’s Division)
Winter League is Indoor and starts on the 26th July.
Spring League is outdoor and has Come n Try on the 12th October with the league starting on the 19th October.

Advanced Leagues
Next year we will be running three advanced leagues, with the intention to have longer, more spread out leagues.
Summer Advanced League starts on Jan 28th,
Winter Advanced League starts on Jun 10th
Spring Advanced League starts on Oct 7th.

TUA Tournaments
HalfWIT VII will be on the 19th July
Two-Hat XVIII will be on the 17th and 18th October

AFDA Tournaments
National Championships will be held in Perth on the 24th to 27th April
Mixed National Championships will be held in Adelaide on the 9th to 11th October.

Regular TUA Committee meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of every month
The TUA AGM will be held on Monday 16th March, at Sandown Fields between Beginner and Intermediate divisions.

Other Events
The TUA Annual Dinner and Awards night will be held on the 17th of October (that’s right… it’s pushed back to later in the year to be held on the Two-Hat weekend)
There’ll be a big showcase game for the Royal Hobart Show on the 22nd and 23rd October
The Christmas Frisbee Festival of Fun will be held on Monday 14th December

As stated earlier, these are proposed dates and subject to change. If you would like to provide feedback on these dates please email me.

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