Spring Advanced League – Wrap Up

Just prior to Christmas the Spring Advanced League finished up. Here’s a wrap up from the League Organisers, Eliza and Luke:

Spring Advanced League has been run and won, and the competition could not have been closer this time round.  With the return of Dial-a-llama along with Rugrats, we also had the ever present teams of Dragon fruit and HUUC, making it a 4 team competition once again.

HUUC and Dragon fruit had a strong start and occupied the top two places for the majority of the league. However, along came Dial-a-Llama, who had a very strong finish, only getting on top of second place HUUC on goal difference in the last couple of games.

The final was a very close game between Dragon Fruit and Dial-a-Llama, with Dragon Fruit getting up 13 to 9 in what was a very high-spirited match.  Overall, the general consensus of the league was that all of the games were played with a high spirit and they were all close games.

As mentioned, Dragon Fruit won the league, whilst Spirit was taken out by HUUC.  The female MVP was Liss Bowden, whilst the male MVP was tied between the two Luke’s – Luke Bryan and Luke Edwards

I would like to thank all of the teams for participating, and for helping with field set up and packing away.  It made running this league so much more enjoyable.

Have a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing all of the teams return for Advanced league in 2015

From Your TD’s

Luke And Eliza

Thanks to both Luke and Eliza for running the league. There will be a new Advanced League coming up early this year. More information will be available soon!

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