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Just a reminder that the TUA AGM will be held at 7:00pm this Monday at the Sandown fields. That’s straight after beginner league, and for this week only Intermediate games will start at 7:40 instead of 7:10. The committee decided to have the AGM at a time and place where all our members could participate much easier and so the process was more transparent. It also means you can all meet and talk to the new (and old) committee members about their positions. So if you’re playing beginner league, we’d love you to stick around an extra little while. If you’re playing intermediate, we’d love for you to turn up early at 7:00 to engage with your association’s representative committee.

This year I will be standing down as president. It’s been a wonderful four years as president, and 9 years as a committee member before that. In the 13 years since incorporation, I’ve had the privilege of working with many dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate people. It’s been a pleasure to be so heavily involved with this community. Unfortunately, other time commitments are pressing and the organisation has stagnated somewhat with recruitment and retention of players, so I’m stepping aside to let some new hands and fresh faces contribute to the management of the TUA Committee. I’m still hoping to be a regular committee member though, so please feel free to send me your feedback and questions about anything to and I’ll ensure it gets considered at committee meetings to come.

I also encourage everyone to read the TUA President’s Report for 2014. It’s my final one, and it discusses both the challenges and the successes of the TUA in 2014. There’s a long road ahead to make our community a strong and successful one where anyone can play the type of ultimate they want. I have a vision of youth leagues, women’s leagues, welcoming social (but experienced) leagues, veterans leagues, all run by (and competed by) affiliated clubs. It would be great to have people competing to get onto our state representative teams! But all those require a bigger community and that means everyone must do their part for recruitment. It also means the future committee must increase its focus on promotion, recruitment, player retention and transparency. This needs dedicated and enthusiastic people. Are you up for the challenge?

Anyway, read the TUA President’s Report for 2014 here:

I hope to see you at the AGM on Monday, or on the fields at the next league.


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