Here is a list of the current officer positions of the TUA committee.  Click on the position title to read the position description, or the officer name to send an email.  Even if the position is currently vacant, the email will still get checked by a committee member.

President Joe Boyer
Vice President Peter Marendy
TreasurerDale Baldwin
SecrectaryChris Willis

AFDA Liaison Joe Boyer
Booking Officer Angus Reynolds
Equipment Officer Andrew Cole
Events Officer (position vacant)
First Aid Officer Eliza Burke-Polden
Media and Sponsorship Officer Chris Willis
Member Protection Information Officer Peter Marendy
Merchandising Officer Luke Bryan
Policy Officer (position vacant)
Public Officer Peter Marendy
Regional Development Officer Chris Willis
Sysadmin Jase de Puit
Volunteer Officer (position vacant)
Women’s Development Officer Annie Benham