Development Day – Saturday 9th February

On Saturday 9th February the TUA will hold a Development Day at the UTAS Rugby Fields (Sandy Bay). Your coach for the day will be Steven Wright. Steve was the Assistant Coach for the Australian Under 19 team who competed at the World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012 in Ireland. Steve has also previously captain-coached multiple Tasmanian teams at national tournaments. You can read more about Steve’s exploits in this Player Spotlight.

This development day will be aimed at intermediate and advanced players who have a good understanding of basic ultimate tactics (e.g. the force) and at least some understanding of more advanced strategy (e.g. zone defense). The aim of the day is to provide new tools for Tasmanian players to use in league play, as well as to bring them up to speed with what they may face at a national level.


The day will be split into four sessions, as outlined below:

Advanced Man Offense
There is more to offense than a traditional vertical or horizontal stack. In this session we’ll look at pull reception, transitioning between offensive strategies, and end-zone play.

Advanced Defensive Strategies
How can we counteract some of the above mentioned tactics? How should our defense change against a horizontal offense? Learn about new forces and transition D.

Re-thinking Zone Offense
Three handlers. Dump and swing, repeat. Right? Well, maybe not.

A New Zone D
This session will focus on understanding more advanced zone strategy, with a particular focus on learning about the ‘Japanese’ style.


The Development Day will run from 10:00am until 5:00pm on Saturday the 9th of February. Lunch will NOT be provided, so please bring your own. Alternatively, we will have a one hour lunch break so there will be plenty of time to leave and get something.

Cost and Registration

Attendance at the Development Day will cost $15 if you register using the form below. You can also pay on the day for $20.

Ideally, please fill in the registration form below and then pay for your registration via an electronic transfer to the TUA bank account. Please include a reference comment of “DEV13 Your Name” with your payment.