Princes Park Disc Golf Course

A 9-hole course, total length still to be measured. Par is 3 on all holes.

If a lamp post is the pin, you must hit the metal pole, not the concrete base. Any disc coming to rest completely within a garden bed, or too high above the ground for the player to reach it, will be played from the nearest in-bounds position at which the player may stand; the player will be assessed one penalty stroke. Similarly, any disc which hits a person will attract a one stroke penalty.

Where a tree is a target, you need to hit the trunk below the first branch. Exposed roots do not count as the trunk of a tree.

The vertical projection of a disc onto the ground is used to determine its position. This means that a disc which comes to rest above the ground (resting on vegetation or some other object), but has a section which is directly over the concrete border of a path, is in bounds (unless it is too high to reach). Similarly, on hole number 4, an upside down disc which is not touching the edge of the inner circle but which has a projection which crosses the circle does not need another shot to complete the hole.

Hole Par Dist Tee Pin Compulsories
1 3 ? Metal grate in intersection of the paths Fourth big tree on the right None
2 3 ? Base of tree Rubbish bin up the hill (located just inside the water trap) None
3 3 ? Rubbish bin Green plastic cover across the path, just before the circular flower bed Disc must come to rest on the plastic cover.
4 3 ? Green plastic cover Green plastic cover on the edge of water trap, between the two largest trees past the palm tree, very near the edge of the grass Avoid getting stuck in the palm fronds. Disc must come to rest on the plastic cover.
5 3 ? Green plastic cover Lamp post just past the path Avoid getting stuck in the palm fronds.
6 3 ? Lamp Post Middle sized tree down the hill and across the path None
7 3 ? Base of tree Middle sized tree to the left of the little cottage None
8 3 ? Base of tree Solid green cylinder past the path on the far side of the little cottage None
9 3 ? Solid green cylinder Small lamp post across the road between Blocks 4 and 5 of CSIRO Marine Labs None

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