General Information

Leagues by the Tasmania Ultimate Association are run under a number of conditions as follows:


Each team must select a captain from their ranks. This individual will mentor all players on their team with regards learning the rules, basic tactics of the game, ensuring that gender matching occurs, advising opposing teams of forfeits, etc.

Spirit Captains

The sport of Ultimate relies upon the Spirit of the Game for self-governance. It places the responsibility for fair play on every player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but should never sacrifice the mutual respect between players, adherence to the agreed-upon rules of the game, or the basic joy of play.

The TUA requires that each team select a Spirit Captain. The spirit captain must be an experienced player whose prime role is to educate and mentor their teammates regarding the spirit of the game. The spirit captain will be responsible for fostering a culture of respect, fair-mindedness and enjoyment amongst their teammates and opponents.

Spirit captains must not also be team captains. The spirit captains will be responsible for communicating with other spirit captains and the league organisers regarding spirit issues, and will be required to communicate any concerns regarding poor spirit to their teammates whilst working with them to help resolve any such issues that arise during the course of the league. The Spirit Captains will collate spirit scores at the end of each game.

Nominations of spirit captains must be approved by the league organisers.

Registration Surcharge for non-electronic payments

When registering for leagues all cash and cheque payments will incur a $5 surcharge. This surcharge is in place to encourage people to make payments via direct deposit into the TUA’s bank account. Players aged 18 years or younger are exempt from this surcharge.


If you register and can’t play, refunds may be available at the discretion of the League organiser and inline with the TUA refund policy. More details are available on the TUA refund policy page.

Social Leagues


The rules for the Social Leagues are based on the WFDF rules, which were updated in 2009. The League Organiser takes the position of the TD under these rules. There are a number of local variations to the rules that are available here.


Beginner Division

Sociial Beginner Division is a league for work/friend based teams that just want to have a bit of very casual fun, and is perfect for new players and juniors. The league’s focus is on introducing new players to the game and building basic skills. By playing in the Social Division you will experience the likes of “the force”, “stacking” and “cutting”. If these terms mean nothing to you, then this is the right league for you! If required, more experienced players can be assigned to new teams to help introduce you to this exciting game! If you are aged between 15 and 17, this division is suitable for you, but please let the league organiser know so we can get the appropriate parental consent.

The Beginner Division aims to introduce new players to the game, so we will endeavour to have senior players involved in a mentoring and coaching role on each team in this division. Some leagues substitute the Beginner division for a “Learn to Play” division that adds more structure to the learning experience. More details are available on the Learn to Play page.

Intermediate Division

Intermediate Division is for all you players out there who have a bit of Ultimate experience. If you have played a few leagues before and are coming back for more, then this league is for you. Here you will experience well-spirited games whilst also being introduced to some of the more advanced tactics use in Ultimate. Don’t be scared, these new tactics will only help you to have more fun and there will be plenty of other players on your team to help you along if you are unsure about anything! Also keep in mind that Ultimate is a social sport and games will be played accordingly. Players need to be over 18 to play this division.