Adhoc Advanced League 2013

2 September - 7 October
League Organiser
Tim Johnson
League Assistants
Joe Boyer

We had six weeks with nothing on and some people said we should squeeze in an advanced league.  So we did!  This is a short, teams based league, and registration will be done through the AFDA system in order to better manage the teams.

Games at 6:15 (get there at 6:00 for a warmup).  At the uni field.

There will be 6 weeks of Round Robin before a Grand Final event.

League Fees

League fees for Adhoc Advanced League are to be paid by the team captain.  A registration fee of $300 per team must be paid to the TUA account, although due to the short notice this will not be due until after the league commences.  All prices include AFDA membership for the duration of the league.

Player Agreement

By registering for this league you agree to the following:

  • You will play within the spirit of the game.
  • You have read and will abide by the AFDA Safe Play Policies.
  • Your name may be used in a publicly accessible TUA archive.
  • Your photo may be published online and/or may be used for publicity purposes.

If you have any queries or would like your name added to our "No photos published" list, please email the league organiser or the TUA president.

For more information on WFDF rules accreditation, go to

How to Register

Go to the AFDA event page here, and register.  You'll need to login using your AFDA number, and create a password if you haven't already. You can choose your preferred team, or if you're not affiliated to any team yet you can sign up on the "Please put me on a team" team, and you'll be distributed to whoever needs you the most.

Pay your player fee to your captain (should be around $30), who will be responsible for transferring it to the TUA bank account.