Advanced League 2011

2 May - 25 July
League Organiser
Charlie Prevost

This league has ended! Please visit our leagues page to view current and upcoming leagues.

Advanced League will be outdoors on Monday evenings at Sandown from May through to July. There will be a single division with full length (80 minute) games scheduled to start at 6:00pm.

Advanced League provides an opportunity for higher level and aspiring players to hone their skills and work together in a competitive environment.  Within this league teams will use a number of set plays as they encounter opponents that will test both skill and fitness levels.

If you are comfortable playing against experienced players and don’t mind a bit of running then this league will be suited to you!  Games will be competitive, but high spirited as always in Tasmania!

Pre-formed teams are encouraged to register.  Please see the registration information below for details. There is also plenty of room for anyone who is not already in a team to join.  It would be great to see some of our intermediate level players have a go at Advanced League and there will definitely be space on a team for you!

Division - Final Results

Runners up
Spirit Prize
Style in Final
Matt Lyons
Guts in Final
Tim Stoneman
Game Time 6:00 - 8:00pm (80 minutes with half time)

Announcements will be made at 6:00pm with games starting at 6:10pm sharp.  Please ensure you turn up in time to complete a warm-up prior to each game.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Bye
May 2 1 Bread The Clap Twig
May 9 2 Twig Bread The Clap
May 16 3 The Clap Twig Bread
May 23 4 Bread The Clap Twig
May 30 5 Twig Bread The Clap
Jun 6 6 The Clap Twig Bread
Jun 13 No Games
Jun 20 7 Bread The Clap Twig
Jun 27 8 Twig Bread The Clap
Jul 4 9 The Clap Twig Bread
Jul 11 10 Bread The Clap Twig
Jul 18 11 Twig Bread The Clap
Jul 25 Finals 1st 2nd 3rd
Team Name Bread The Clap Twig
Colour Blue Purple Green
Captain Steve Wright Matt Smith Stan Robert
Spirit Captain Grady Cowley
Women Masni Bennett 

Amy Benett

Jessie Bresnehan

Angela Charles 

Kathleen Downey

Eliza Burke-Polden

Alice Patterson-Robert 

Shavawn Donoghue

Felicity Hargraves

Sarah Fayed

Millie Rooney

Men Joe Boyer 

Elvin Lea

Tim Stoneman

Ken Suber

Steven Wright

Tarik Stoneman

Grady Cowley

Aung Zaw

Matt Petrie 

Andrew Cole

Nick Moles

Charlie Prevost

Warwick Reed

Shaun Everson

Michael Dunne

Matt Smith

David Cooke 

Stan Robert

Craig Mundy

John Kristensen

Reed Burgette

Tim Johnson

Matt Lyons

Felix Kennedy

Joe Bailey

Basil Van Riet

At the end of the league the following prizes were awarded:

Spirit Prize: Bread
Champions: Twig
Style in the final: Matt Lyons
Guts in the Final: Tim Stoneman

The results from the finals games are as follows:

Grand Final Twig 14 Bread 9

Round Robin

  Team Played Wins Losses Points Goals For Goals Against Goal Diff. Spirit Average
1 Twig 6 6 0 12 69 51 18 12.0
2 Bread 6 3 3 6 48 50 -2 12.3
3 Clap 6 0 5 0 39 55 -16 11.2