Winter Advanced League 2015

1 July - 26 August
League Organiser
Carly Ward

Winter Advanced League will be outdoors on Wednesday evenings at the UTAS Rugby Field from the 1st of July until the 26th of August. There will be a single division with full length (80 minute) games scheduled to start at 6:20pm.  It will be cold and dark.  Do it anyway.

The format will consist of team registrations of 7+ people including 3+ women.

Individuals who wish to play but aren’t on a fully-formed team should register on the ‘don’t have a team’ team so the captains know who is available to be recruited to teams, or might be available as pick-ups each night.

Advanced League provides an opportunity for higher level and aspiring players to hone their skills and work together in a competitive environment.  Within this league teams will use a number of set plays as they encounter opponents that will test both skill and fitness levels. If you are comfortable playing against experienced players and don’t mind a bit of running then this league will be suited to you!  Games will be competitive, but high spirited as always in Tasmania!

League Fees

Advanced League is a teams-based registration including a fee of $500 per team. Alternatively (if agreed upon by the team on the first night) each individual on the team can be responsible for their own payment of $60 per player.  The payment must be made before the second week of play.

Whole team $500
OR Individual player $60

AFDA Membership

  • To register for a league, you must be a member of the Australian Flying Disc Association (AFDA). This is required for insurance purposes. Please sign up to the AFDA.
    If you're already a member but have forgotten your number, sign into the AFDA site and choose the "Membership" option from your Account settings.

Player Agreement

By registering for this league you agree to the following:

  • You will play within the spirit of the game.
  • You have read and will abide by the AFDA Safe Play Policies.
  • Your name may be used in a publicly accessible TUA archive.
  • Your photo may be published online and/or may be used for publicity purposes.

If you have any queries or would like your name added to our "No photos published" list, please email the league organiser or the TUA president.

Rules Accreditation

A new requirement on teams in this league is to have a minimum number of rules-accredited players. Every player is required to have standard rules accreditation and two players (including the team captain) must have advanced rules accreditation.  This accreditation is easy to obtain, so please go to for more information.

How to Register

Registration is available via the AFDA website on the URL below. For payments, electronic transfers to the TUA bank account are preferred. For teams, please include a reference comment of "WINA Team Name" with your payment. For individuals, please include a reference comment of "WINA Your Name" with your payment. Cash or cheque payments are accepted, however there is a $5 surcharge

Game Time 6:20 - 7:40 (80 minutes)


Date Round Uni Field
 01/07/2015 Pickup
 08/07/2015  1  Monsters v At the movies with Mike
 15/07/2015  2  HUUC v Monsters
 22/07/2015  3  HUUC v At the movies with Mike
 29/07/2015  4  Monsters v At the movies with Mike
 05/08/2015 Fields closed by Uni
 12/08/2015  5  HUUC v Monsters
 19/08/2015  6  HUUC v At the movies with Mike

The finals will be played over one week with teams determined on the standings for the league after the round robin.

Date Round Field 1 Field 2
Aug 26 Grand Final Pos 1 v Pos 2 Pos 3 v Pos 4


Team Name Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Spirit Captain