Learn to Play!

Are you looking to try a new sport that is full of fun, friends and fitness? Ultimate could be the just the sport you’re looking for.

In order to introduce new players to the game our outdoor leagues include a Learn to Play division. This division is perfect for new players and provides a friendly environment for you to come and try something new with your friends.

The Learn to Play division will provide an introduction to the game with a focus on learning the rules and some basic tactics. There will be examples and lessons provided to players from accredited coaches, along with weekly opportunities to get out on the field and play.

Here’s an overview of the Learn to Play division:

Come & Try

Our outdoor leagues kick off with a Come & Try event. All players are welcome to come along and receive a free introduction to the game. You’ll receive some lessons on how to throw a frisbee, a brief overview of the rules and then an opportunity to play a game. If you like what you see, you can register for the league. All new players receive a frisbee as part of their registration fee.

Weeks One & Two

Weeks one and two will provide some more clarification around the rules of ultimate. Ultimate is a self-refereed sport so it is important for all players to know the rules! Some guidance into basic offensive and defensive tactics will be provided, followed by some game time to have some fun with your new skills and knowledge!

Weeks Three to Five

Weeks three to five will continue to introduce some techniques that are useful on both offensive and defence. This includes:

  • How and where to run in order to receive the disc on offense.
  • How to successfully mark a player with the disc.
  • How to throw around a marker.
  • How to safely reset the play when required.
  • How to stop your player receiving the disc when on defence.

Weeks Six and Seven

During weeks six and seven each team will have an opportunity to work together on anything they like! By this stage each team will have an idea of their strengths and shortfalls so there will be ample opportunity for your captains to help out with whatever your team needs the most.

Weeks Eight and Nine

No more lessons with weeks 9 and 10 will be a full length game to finish off the season!