Disc Golf


Disc golf is similar to normal golf in that you have a course with tees, compulsory obstacles and pins. The course is smaller (not many people can throw a disc as far as hitting a golf ball), but just as challenging.

Disc golf in Tasmania was initially the “official” type, with a pole hole (basket) course and proper golf discs. More recently, unofficial disc golf has been introduced to Hobart. Unofficial disc golf is played with object courses (pins are light poles, bins and the like). Such courses are often played with an ultimate disc (such as a Discraft Ultrastar). We play to ensure no damage to parks, and to minimise any impact on other park patrons.


The main courses played in Tasmania (or at least in the Hobart vicinity) are:


The 9 hole St David’s Park course was initially developed to be used for the Philip Redneck Ruddock Throw Them Overboard Disc Golf Classic, played on the Friday evening before the Two-Hat Tournament.

In 2004 and 2005, the Princes Park course was incorporated into this Classic, with 9 holes being played on each course. Since 2006, the Classic has reverted to two rounds of the St David’s Park course.

The Poimena Reserve course is used for an annual tournament, which is occasionally labelled the Australian Disc Golf Championships.