Halfwit VI

Sunday 20 July 2014
Shaun Thurstans
Aurora Sports Stadium, New Town

The Halfwit (Half-Yearly Winter Indoor Tournament) is an annual, one-day indoor ultimate tournament – a very fun and frenzied day of ultimate in the chilly mid-winter, culminating in a finals round and a free BBQ.

Halfwit VI will use the “hat” format, in which random teams are drawn out of a hat. This makes for a great way to meet and play with new people – you might find some new future team-mates!

We welcome players of all skill levels, including complete beginners. See below for registration details.

Tournament Fees

Halfwit fees are as follows. Standard fees must be paid before Monday 7th July; the late fee applies to payments after that date.

Standard fee $30
Late fee (after 6th July) $40
On the day fee $50

Notes for New Players

To register for a league, you must be a member of the Australian Flying Disc Association (AFDA). This is required for insurance purposes.Please sign up to the AFDA, then enter your number below.
If you're already a member but have forgotten your number, find yourself using the AFDA member search.

Player Agreement

By registering for this tournament you agree to the following:

  • You will play within the spirit of the game.
  • You have read and will abide by the AFDA Safe Play Policies.
  • Your name may be used in a publicly accessible TUA archive.
  • Your photo may be published online and/or may be used for publicity purposes.

If you have any queries or would like your name added to our "No photos published" list, please email the tournament organiser or the TUA president.

How to Register

Please fill in the registration form below and then pay for your registration.

Electronic transfers to the TUA bank account are preferred. Please include a reference comment of "hwit14 Your Name" with your payment.

Cash or cheque payments are accepted, however there is a $5 surcharge.


The following schedule allows for 30 minute halves with 5 minutes of half time. There is 10 minutes between games for completion of the Spirit Circle. Although games start at 10:00 please turn up at 9:30 for announcements and good warm-up.

10:00 Team 1 v. Team 2 Team 3 v. Team 4
11:15 Team 1 v. Team 3 Team 2 v. Team 4
12:30 Team 1 v. Team 4 Team 2 v. Team 3
13:45 Lunch
14:45 Semi-finals
16:00 Finals
17:00 Awards

What do I need to bring?

Firstly, please note that lunch is not provided. You will either need to bring a packed lunch, drive to the nearby Moonah shopping area to buy food, or visit the fast food shop over the road. (There will be a free BBQ after the finals, though, so you won't need to worry about dinner!) We also ask that you bring a white and a black top. You will probably need to change between these during the day. So, here's a list of things to bring:

  • Lunch
  • A white and a black top
  • Sports clothes and sneakers
  • Warm clothes for lunchtime, breaks and during the finals
  • Stylish clothes for the finals - we recommend fun hats, silly socks and other accessories
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Any medical supplies you might need